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Westcoast Harry Goatcher Replica Ski

Haulin' Harry Goatcher: Westcoast Tribute Build

This Harry Goatcher #5 tribute build literally has just about everything Westcoast made or offered for a Kawasaki 550.

Join Vintage JetSki as we take you through this incredible build put together by Ricky Ellington in California and owned by Matt Manning of Melbourne, Australia

General info:

JetSki Name

Westcoast #5 Harry Goatcher Rec-World Replica





Engine Size


Westcoast Engine

The story

The year was 1987 and Matt Manning had just finished High School and was working for Grant Cramer at Victorian Jet Ski and Water Sports part time. Grant sponsored Harry Goatcher, who travelled to Australia for the southern summer to defend his title and represent the shop. When Matt and Harry met that year, the rest became history.

After getting back into the vintage scene in 2018, Matt decided that he wanted to do a tribute build to Harry's Westcoast Rec World #5 JetSki. Matt has seen Ricky Ellington's name in the online community and decided to contact him.

"When I told him of my friendship with Harry, how we met, our 1992 World Finals experience and how many years we lost contact for, he was immediately on board. We talked for quite a few weeks about it and then it all began when Ricky found me the mandatory heart of the project, an unmolested RC520 cylinder. This was around February 2020."

From the beginning, Matt trusted Ricky with everything: money, parts, workmanship, choices, skills etc. There was never a doubt in their new relationship and trust for one another. According to Matt, he could just sense Ricky's passion and commitment to the build.

"The friendship is definitely the best thing that has come out of this entire journey I can honestly say that. Sometimes you just meet people for a reason. He’s definitely young enough that I can instill some of my wise old learnings upon him. Lucky for me that his knowledge and skills when it comes to custom jet ski builds is really second to none. The proof is right there in our Goatcher #5"

It was certainly not a short process! The build literally has just about everything Westcoast made or offered for a 550 and then some! It features the nostalgic Westcoast RC520 cylinder, Westcoast EP4400 cylinder head, Westcoast dual 38 intake manifold, Westcoast velocity stacks, complete Westcoast 550 exhaust and Westcoast water box.

Build Time

18 Months



Unforeseen Problems During Build?

1.  Covid-19 caused engine build delays

2.  E-box modification and rebuild failed first time so was redone.

3.  Finding all ther genuine Westcoast parts from all over the world

Interesting Features

1.  Tim Tynan built RC520 engine with one-off Harry Goatcher #5 RC520 cylinder.

2.  Exact replica graphics kit of Harry Goatcher #5 Rec-World Pro-Mod race ski.

3.  Custom lightened fly-wheel

4.  Custom rebuilt E-box with Ultra red leads

5.  Custom made Westcoast fuel block off cap

6.  Custom powdercoated Westcoast ride plate

7.  Custom made Westcoast bar pad cover

8.  Custom made Westcoast billet hood latch plate

9.  Significant amount of mirror polished parts

10.  Just about every OEM Westcoast genuine aftermarket part has been fitted.

11.  Extra thick billet washers for the Westcoast head bolts

12.  Genuine Westcoast NOS bypass kits

Westcoast Race Jet Ski



Westcoast RC520

One-off Harry Goatcher #5 engraved by Tim Tynan


ADR Pistons (75.50mm)

Modified with boost ports by TNT


Westcoast EP 4400


Kawasaki JS550

Custom lightened


ADR 550

True Welded

Bed Plate

Kawasaki OEM

Blasted and powder coated

Engine Mounts

Kawasaki OEM


Kawasaki OEM


Kawasaki OEM




Notes: Tim Tynan custom build and porting matched. Pistons were cut to match RC520 cylinder

Westcoast Performance


Electronics are still a factory charging system setup with a stock lightened flywheel for that extra braap. Ultra wires and plug ends were installed on the factory coil by the up and coming legend himself Nolan Glock, huge shout out to this young dude, he nailed it!

JetSki Electrical Box


Intake Manifold


Mildly Ported

Flame Arrestors


Carb Adapters




Pick Up


Stainless Fuel Pickups

Engine Bay & Ty's Tank



Westcoast full exhaust system

Blasted and powdercoated


Westcoast genuine OEM


Exhaust Manifold

Westcoast genuine OEM

Polished new old stock

Westcoast Intake Manifold


"The yellow grips...I about puked when ol Matty sent those to me but honestly I couldn’t have made a better choice myself once I hesitantly installed them: - Ricky


Kawasaki JS 550

Graphics / Paint

Decals 101

Custom graphics kit replica

Turf or Mat Kit

Ride Plate



Custom powdercoated

Intake Grate


Open deep grate

Bumpers, Braces & Reinforcement


Nose brace

Dash Plate (Primer, Choke, Fuel Selector etc)

Black Markit

Billet latch plate

Bilge Pump

Chin Pad

Westcoast custom

Jetski start switch

Pump & Drive Line



15.5 pitch

Pump Size & Mods

Kawasaki SX pump

Drive Shaft

Kawasaki SX driveline

Steering Nozzle


Bored nozzle 68.5mm

Pump Conversion


JS550 conversion bearing

Westcoast Jet Nozzle

Thanks go to...

There are a huge number of people whose contribution needs to be recognized for this build. Some are large and others are small but it's the overall input from everyone that has allowed the build to come alive.

The following must be mentioned:

  1. Tim Tynan for doing such an awesome job of building the engine and engraving it Haulin’ Harry #5 as a one-off. I think he even researched Australian octane fuels and set it up for our Caltex Premium 98.
  2. Doug Maddock who sold Mat an almost brand new Westcoast EP4400 cylinder head after he didn’t want to. When Matt told him what it was for, he immediately changed his mind.
  3. Nolan Glock for the custom e-box.
  4. Jason Schriner for the carbs.
  5. Ricky Ellington for the Hull, driveline and steering set up (this doesn’t even touch the surface)
  6. Jacob Fritz for the RC520 cylinder
  7. Christian Neves for the Westcoast exhaust
  8. Others that supplied parts, advice or help are Mark Konschack, Chad Glidwell, Jared Martin, Joe Jennings, Cliff Cassel, Robert Sand, Derek Vieira, Justin Mendes, David Flores.

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