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Fuel Upgrades - Carb Manifold

The Best Jetski Intake Manifold Upgrade:

Carburetor / Manifold Combo

One of most common questions we receive here at VintageJetSki is what is one of the best upgrades can I make for my two-stroke ski, and depending on your situation we’ll often point you to your fuel system!

Upgrading your ski’s carburetor and manifold is one of THE most popular modifications we see.

The team here at Vintage JetSki doesn’t blame you, there are many great reasons for this. Let’s take a look at each part in turn aaaand, we offer an exclusive discount to help you do it!

An aftermarket intake manifold is one of the most popular performance upgrades out there. And for good reason; the more air and fuel you feed your engine, the more power it’s going to produce.

Performance Jetski intake manifolds feature smoother contours & larger ports which allows your engine to breathe more freely when compared to your OEM manifold.

And with all PJS manifolds fitting the larger 44mm SBN Mikuni Carburetor it gives you the means to swap out that old, leaky and restrictive OEM carb for a more breathable and performance orientated option.

Each PJS manifold also comes complete with all the hardware and gaskets needed for installation too so you won’t need to purchase anything extra.


These carbs are designed to give the maximum performance with a single carb. They feature a Viton 2.3 needle valve, a #100 pilot (slow) jet, a #125 main (high) jet, primer type cold start fitting (no butterfly choke), and angled fuel fittings. They are easily tuneable with replaceable jets and externally adjustable metering screws.

You ask: what’s the main difference between a Super BN and a BN Mikuni?

  1. The fuel pump and jet sections are separate for easier maintenance
  2. It has an integral fuel filter
  3. The fuel pump capacity is increased by almost 20%
  4. Air flow is increased by 9%
  5. It is easily tuneable with replaceable jets (in a wide range of sizes) and an array of other tuning components

The extended throttle shaft also gives you the flexibility you need to make dual kits in case you’re after that extra power!



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