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For Sale Two Absolutely Stunning Sea Doo HXs

2x Sea Doo HX For Sale

It's not every day that you will find a rare gem such as the Sea Doo HX on the market in near-perfect condition. It's even less likely that you'll find two!!!

If you're an enthusiast, collector or just have a passion for two stroke watercraft, then you may have just hit the holy grail of a barn find.

These two Sea Doo HX jetskis are for sale and they are in prime condition! Even better? The trailer is included.

Sea Doo only had this model in production for two years. So there's every chance these  might be the only ones in existence that have been this well kept and maintained.

These babies have been ridden for less than 30 minutes each, they've always been kept indoors and they could be yours.

Vintage JetSki have been in conversation with Nolan Heppner, the current owner of these beauties. Now we can share it to our awesome community. Read on for all the details...

Tell us about the skis...

1. 1995 Sea Doo HX

  • UMI Steering
  • Kill switch & throttle
  • Buckshot head
  • Factory pipe
  • Airbox
  • Ported cylinder & cases

2. 1996 Sea Doo HX

  • Buckshot head
  • Airbox
  • Aftermarket nozzle & pump

How did you find them?

I found the skis in a Craigslist ad in Michigan, about a Sea Doo HX for sale in good condition. Once speaking to their previous owner, I realized that he not only two of these but a number of other great skis also. He's an absolute jet ski enthusiast but all of these beautiful machines were sitting in the basement of his cabin in Traverse City. They were just sitting under moving blankets.

After the drive there and seeing his collection it felt like I was on one of those "barn find" shows.

What did you do to them before starting them for the first time?

I replaced all the stock lines, put new batteries in them and some premix. I totally smoked out my entire garage but they started right away.

How is the Sea Doo HX to ride?

I love HXs. They are by far my favorite ski. Nothing is as fun, fast and nimble.

So why are you selling?

I want someone to enjoy these amazing toys. I do not have the time to ride them and someone else should.



Contact Nolan Heppner at for more information (located in Minnesota)

Seadoo HX UMI Finger Throttle



    I also have a pair of jet skis the same as The ones in the pictures but my 95 was made for racing with MSD ignition in all types of after market parts exhaust the best jet four but they have been in bad condition in that man taking care of the sit out in the weather I was just wondering an estimate value of what yours were worth and running condition? Trying to sell mine

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