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Run Whatcha Brung 'RWB' Jetski Poker Run 2022

Jetski Poker Run

Run Whatcha Brung 'RWB' Jetski Poker Run 2022

By Mike Kemp


The Run Whatcha Brung Jetski Poker Run event is a great way for like minded stand up, vintage and current jet ski riders to come together and enjoy the sport without the hassles or pressures of racing. 

"This event throughout time has evolved into a 3 day weekend of jet ski fun!"

Our first year, in 2014, started with just 17 riders and raised approximately $270 for charity. Last year for 2021 we were able to donate over $11,000.00 to charities. Fast forward to 2022 and we have well over 240 registered riders for the poker run alone.

Jetski Poker Run


Going back to 2014, it all started with me wearing a Jettrim Tee shirt and meeting my buddy Brad, who was a freestyle jet ski rider and was doing back flips on the river. He's 6’ tall and was getting massive air to do his back flips and I was clearly impressed. So we wound up hanging out on the river riding skis and one night over several river beverages we came up with a crazy idea of doing a “stand up jet ski poker run”. We could not think of anyone, any where, doing that on jet skis! So we put it together in a couple of weeks and had a blast!

Jetski Poker Run


We now have hundreds of riders and takeover the area, claiming the upper river as our own for the weekend. You can see jet skis along almost every bit of shoreline from Pirates Den to the Parker Dam. We've also built up to a beach and parking lot full of all our favorite vendors that support this event...

If you've heard about the event before then you'll no doubt have heard of the awesome custom raffle skis up for grabs! Our first year was a running 550 that we were able to beg, borrow and there's a very good chance stole a few parts to make it happen. Nowadays, we raffle off a custom painted fully rebuilt motor with all the bolt on goodies we can get our hands on. We are now also at a point that we have a 2nd chance drawing where you can win a completely custom painted hull.


We’re excited to announce that Bjs Performance will be donating a Cobra 2.0 Hull and some goodies to go with it, to be part of the raffle for the 2022 Run What Ya Brung Poker Run.

We have teamed up with some really great companies to help the donation really hit that wow factor. We want to show our appreciation and a huge thanks to all the sponsors for what they have donated to this RWB Jetski Poker Run Hull. VintageJetSki, BJs Performance, Fly-N-Ty, GPO, Jettrim, ProWatercraft, Hot Products, Ski Parts Unlimited, Noah Keough, Joe Jennings, Wax Racing and Tim Bartee.


  • Full carbon top deck
  • Mod nose
  • Wide tray

The Amazing Charities That RWB Support

Both of these fantastic groups help to support families with children that are going through cancer or a severe illness.

Cooking for Cancer Foundation

Cooking for Cancer's main outreach is they help and support families by way of paying bills for the families such as mortgage payments/rent, electric or water bills - things of the nature which in turn helps offset the monies the families are having to use to treat their child.


C.A.R.E.S. Does multiple things. One, they help support families that are having to travel for treatment by providing fuel cards, food, hotel accommodation - things that help offset the costs of travel. Through a grant type process, they also help with families that need medical aids such as special shoes, wheelchairs, crutches - things to help families that are unable to obtain them on their own. The third thing they do is help support local medical professionals that want to achieve a higher level of education,  which would help keep children in town and not have to travel.

Jetski Poker Run


Of course, none of this would be possible without our partners (sponsors) that have supported us through out the years. There are a handle full and we are so fortunate to have them backing this event. We have Pirates Den RV Resort in Parker Az. This is our host location and they have been a partner since the beginning! Jettrim and Prowatercraft Racing have been long time partners and are there for us year after year, and again, if not for their continued support this event would not be possible. A little side note, Chris Hagest from Prowatercraft Racing usually comes through with an awesome pep talk that will motivate the dead. It keeps the momentum of making this come together possible!  Frank and his crew from Jettrim never let us down. Frank always comes up with some very original ways to do give-a-ways. One of the good ones is the “hardship give-a-way”. This is where we listen to a lot of stories and tries to find out who went through hell or high water for this event. Some crazy stories happen that's for sure!

A couple more that have come into the picture strong and hard is BJ’s Performance (Jason Schriner) and Jet Star-Retro Jet Ski (Jason Rivera). One of the personalities you can not miss is Jason Schriner, owner of BJ’s Performance. This guy is on point, has awesome ideas and does some of the cleanest builds I have ever seen! Definitely on a course of his own and what he has brought to this event is irreplaceable. Schriner every year comes up with the coolest ideas for a raffle and for the last several years he has been the sponsor of the jet ski hull raffle. Usually custom painted, with a hand crafted hood or top deck, along with an assortment of the best bolt on jet ski products on the market!


Jason Rivera, aka Rivera Racing, aka Jet Star, aka Retro Jet Ski. One of the coolest calm dudes. Never knew him until RWB days. Last year he built a Good Times X2 replica boat. He nailed it and was a main reason why we were able to sell 300 jet ski raffle tickets. We have never sold out prior to that! 2022 has all my sponsors returning and doing what they do and thats support this event to make it a success!

However, in order for this event to run at its pace that it does, this event would not perform the way it does with out the help of our friends and family that come to Pirates Den and work. They volunteer their time in exchange for a successful event! They are probably the ones that mean the most to me because they do it for nothing in return other than knowing that if Run Whatcha Brung is a success then a child’s or a family’s life will be better because of it and for that I love them!!

But….. there is one and only one person that means more than everyone I have already mentioned and that is my beautiful wife Jackie. A lot of our RWB family has got to know her but no one knows how much work she puts into this behind the scenes. Basically, me and my buddies drank beer and came up with a cool idea, and then my wife then did everything I asked and could think of for this event and made it happen! She is the backbone of the jetski poker run so without her it truly would fall apart. Thank you my Love!

We look forward to seeing all of you at RWB!

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