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PJS Piston Port Intake Manifold

PJS Piston Port Intake Manifold

🌤🌴💦 now have single 44mm intake manifolds for your Piston Port 440/550 jetski!

⚡️ Bring your jetski to the next level by combining a Mikuni SBN 44mm carburetor with a brand new PJS 44mm intake manifold for extra performance.

🏝  Did you know that we also offer these manifolds complete with all the hardware and gaskets needed for the installation? That’s right, it’s all included.

🎉 Congratulations! (SAVE 10%) If you’re reading this you’ve made it to the bonus round! Combine your intake manifold order with one of our new genuine Mikuni SBN 44mm carbs and you’ll receive 10% off both of these items at checkout.

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