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X2 Jetski

Kawasaki X2: Everything you need to know

The Kawasaki X2 was the first mass produced "sit down" watercraft. Kawasaki began production on this PWC in 1986 and ended in 1995, with a cheeky little comeback in 2006. This craft is small and light. The idea behind it was that 2 people would be able to sit, though it is most often ridden by one rider standing up. The X2 has gained much respect in the stand up communities and has gained its own cult following.

Did you know that the X2 also shares the same pump and motor with the Kawasaki JS650, TS650 and Jetmate?

Kawasaki X2 Jet Ski Specs

Engine Type

Liquid cooled, 2-stroke, twin cylinder



Horse Power

52 HP (later pumped up to 57 HP)


Regular / Premix 50:1


Single carb (Keihin 28mm, 38mm-later)


87.6in / 222cm


27.2in / 69cm


35.4in / 90cm

Dry Weight

275.6 lbs / 125kg

Hull Material


1987 Kawasaki X2

Kawasaki X2: Year by Year Differences


'86 was the first year of production. 28mm Keihin carb. This year has no rev limter built into the CDI. Air intake on hood is in the middle of the "hump" which looked good, but tends to take on A LOT of water. Fuel tank is vented to open air, and does not have the water trap found on subsequent model years. Waterbox is much quieter than subsequent years, but also more restrictive.


Water trap is added to fuel tank vent, trim adjuster mechanism changed slightly, air scoop on hood is moved to left side of hood. External fuel pump design changed.


Same as '87, except for minor jetting changes and the flame arrestor element is slightly different. (Rubber gasket added). Crankshaft positioning ring is built into the crankshaft bearing beginning this year. Head pipe to expansion chamber coupler is changed from bolt together style to rubber coupler style.


"Squirrel cage" steering mechanism eliminated in favor of direct cable linkage. However, this steering configuration is much less responsive than the "squirrel cage" setup. Flywheel bolt is changed from 8mm to 10mm. According to the service manual, this was the year the rev limiter was added to the CDI. Reliable sources say that the rev limiter was added on the '87 model year.


Flame arrestor element changed again, and direct steering linkage is ditched halfway through the model year in favor of the old "squirrel cage' style. This setup becomes the standard all the way through the '95 model year. Metal reed petals are tossed in favor of plastic reed petals that won't harm engine internals if they disintegrate.


The X-2 gets the 38mm Keihin carb! Gone is the rinky dink 28mm carb with its remote fuel pump. Electrics are consolidated inside a single, larger box mounted to the side of the hull between the battery and carb. Fuel petcock "On" and "Reserve" positions are reversed. Water box gets one piece molded hoses. Gone are the aluminum elbows to the waterbox. A larger bilge hose and filter is fitted as compared to previous years. Driveshaft is beefed up -- it is now the same diameter from tip to tip, instead of narrower in spots like those found on previous years.

1992 and 1993

Insignificant changes. A few wire colors are changed inside the electrical box, and a larger engine flush fitting is installed. Motors are now painted silver instead of black.


The 38m Keihin is upgraded to a 40mm Keihin carb. Rubber trim is now gray instead of black. Upholstery is now purple instead of blue. Additional foam is added to the engine compartment area to aid in flotation.


Same as '94, except a 5 blade stainless steel impeller is added.


In 2006, Kawasaki re-introduced the x-2 with a completely redesigned hull and top deck and utilized the same pump and powerplant as their highly successful SX-R 800 stand up model Jet Ski.

Recommended Upgrades for the Kawasaki X2

At Vintage JetSki we have plenty of options available, especially if you need more bottom end – because lets face it, once you fall in its not exactly easy to get back on.

We recommend upgrades like performance impellers, ride plates and intake grates to give you the traction, handling and responsiveness you’re after.

Now if its engine mods you want then you can’t go past our intake system upgrade that consists of a PJS intake manifold and Mikuni SBN 44mm carb that’s paired with a ProK air filter and adapter for the ultimate fuel delivery setup.

Traction – Handing – Responsiveness

Engine Performance

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