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JetJam Racing 2022 Rounds 3 & 4 – Parker AZ

JetJam Racing 2022
Rounds 3 & 4 – Parker AZ

By Ally Emig

For the second time this year JetJam Racing held another successful race weekend. Located at the La Paz County Park in Parker, AZ, this venue is well-known for fast currents and ever-changing water conditions brought in from local boat traffic. This weekend featured a left-hand start track, complete with a tight split section and a back stretch that allowed for racers to really open up their skis!

Race director Ross Wallach was able to gather entries to fill 5 vintage classes. Each morning kicked off with Vintage X2 Open. Fans watched as Hawthorne, CA native Andrew Cecere (#1) battled for podium with the likes of Nic Verdone (#007), and long-time vintage racer Charles Simms (#109). Andrew was able to podium 1st place for Saturday, but Charles charged back up front and earned 1st place podium for Sunday.

650 X2

The 650 X2 limited class had a packed gate with a total of 10 entries for the weekend. Local Havasu rider Luke “Goose” Blanton (#159) swept the field both days with 1st place podium finishes, but his competition of Jason Trist (#155) and Dennis Plantega (#313) right on his heels really made him work for it!


Vintage 550 was the biggest class the entire weekend with an impressive 15 entries showing up to the starting line. Old school legends such as Dan Fitzgerald (#118), Jason Rivera (#38) and Michael Prodanovich (#SRB2) took to the line with a new generation of vintage racers, including Coy Curtis (#155), Andrew Cecere (#476), and Rachel Cummings (#95). Dan took to the podium in 1st for Saturday, with Andrew taking the top box for 1st on Sunday.

550 Jetski Race Start


Sport Spec was equally exciting to watch with Gilbert, AZ racer Revin Harris (#100) going 1-1 for a podium finish on Saturday with Tyler Hill (#22) and Tony Parker (#23) really putting on the pressure behind him. Sunday’s 1st place podium was none other than Ron Benfield (#221), of Lake Havasu City, AZ.


Local Havasu racer Nic Verdone is no stranger to vintage races or skis. Owner of the highly-reputable shop Nasty Nic’s Motorsports, vintage skis are certainly his specialty, and is also known to have just about every vintage part you could need to build a race ski. Nic raced his X2 in the Open class at Parker, as well as a SuperJet in the 650/750 class. “My X2 is powered by a slightly modded 750 engine with a stock SXR800 exhaust pipe,” he mentioned. “Also my SuperJet is powered by a 760 cylinder that I ported myself using a mixture of luck and ambition.” His mixture sure seemed to be the trick as Nic went 2-1 in the 650/750 class, earning a 1st place podium finish.


For the full race calendar and how to get yourself on the start line, head to the 2022 Race Schedule.

By Ally Emig:

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