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How To Install A Jetski Mat Kit: 9 Easy Steps

Install A Jetski Mat Kit

How To Install A Jetski Mat Kit: 9 Easy Steps

By Australian Jet Skier


We recommend choosing your favorite traction mat from our range of options below that suit your model of ski. Our contact cement adhesive and 2" brush applicator are popular too if you've selected a kit without the self adhesive included.

Traction Mat:
- Hydro Turf
- Jet Trim

Install A Jetski Mat Kit

STEP 1: Preparation

Like success on the race course, preparation is key! Scrape away the old pad with a broad chisel and clean with acetone or thinners, being careful not to splash it on other paintwork or decals


Install A Jetski Mat Kit

STEP 2: Positioning

Before removing the adhesive backing, place your new jetski traction mat in the tray to check positioning. The next step is to peel back the backing paper about 8 inches starting from the front of the pad. It’s a good idea to have a friend ready to help here too.


Install A Jetski Mat Kit

STEP 3: The Right Order

Stick down the front edge of the mat kit at the front of the tray in the correct position. Start peeling the backing paper away as you smooth the mat down as you go.


Install A Jetski Mat Kit

STEP 4: Use A Heat Gun

To make the traction mat bend easily use a heat gun to soften the mat. By doing that the mat will mold to the correct shape.


550 Hydro Turf

STEP 5: Molding The Mat

Mold the mat around the bond line and under the tray. If you have spring loaded claps these can be used to hold the mat tightly into place.


Install Jetski Mat Kit

STEP 6: Placing The Side Panels

Without removing the backing paper place the side panels in position. Once you have the bottom edge the right distance from the base mat, bend the mat over the gunnels and mark the position on the top edge with a pencil.


Hydro Turf Installation

STEP 7: Measure Twice, Place Once

Peel the backing paper away from the top edge to the distance of approximately 4 inches and using your pencil marks as a guide fix the side panels to the top of the gunnel. Use the heat gun to help mold the mat to the correct shape.


Hydro Turf

STEP 8: Front Panels

Before fitting the front section (in this instance a 550) check positioning before peeling off the backing paper. When sticking these sections on you may need an extra pair of hands peeling the paper off as you go.


Hydro Turf

STEP 9: Finished

The end result, with a bit of patience and a friend you can make a professional level installation and your ski will be ready to hit the water giving you maximum traction.


Replace Your Old Mat

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