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How to Get Started in Jetski Riding: Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started in jetskiing

When you're looking to get started in jetski riding you’ll no doubt have a lot of questions on how to go about it.

In this feature article, we answer the most frequently asked questions on getting started in jetski riding.

Is Jetski riding expensive?

Jetski riding can actually be one of the cheapest motorsports someone can be involved in. As with anything, it's as expensive as you want make it - if you want the best jetski, jetski gear and parts, and want them all shiny and brand new, then it's going to add up to quite an expensive sum. On the other hand, if you buy many things used, then you can save a considerable amount of money that makes riding much more affordable.

How do I get started in jetski riding?

Getting started on the water is a simple case of getting yourself a jetski that suits your interest, in the most basic terms to begin with we can break this down into two broad categories, standup skis or runabout skis which are also known as ‘sitdowns’. Then you will need the appropriate protective equipment, and finding a safe place to ride, which we get into more detail below.

Do I need to have any mechanical knowledge?

It's not essential, but it definitely helps. You can always take your ski to a certified mechanic if your technical knowledge of watercraft engines is minimal, however, learning how to do the basics will serve you well in the long-run and also save you lots of money. For this there are many great instructional videos as well informative articles to help you on your journey.


Do I need a license to ride a jetski?

Yes, you need a boating license to drive a jet ski, as there is no separate “jet ski license“ in the US. Instead, if you are required to be licensed on a jet ski, you have to take a boating safety course which is approved by NASBLA (National Association of State Boating Law Administrators).

What protective gear do I need?

We always recommend wearing protective gear. The must-have requirements are a coast-guard approved life vest or PFD, jetski boots, wetsuit and gloves. Optional protective items for recreational riding include a back brace and helmet. However, these are mandatory items if you choose to race in any sanctioned event and are also highly recommended if you choose to ride in the surf.

Where can I ride a jetski?

There are many places you can ride a jetski, but it all depends on where you live. There are many lakes and waterways in which you can ride, however, you will need to check with your local authorities for any restrictions and/or updates in terms of hazardous conditions.

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