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Haulin’ Harry Goatcher (Part Two)

03 - Haulin' Harry Goatcher (Pt.2)

We are back with the highly anticipated part two of our interview with Haulin Harry Goatcher.

In this episode, we begin with Harry’s race in Australia that left him with a pretty serious injury. His reaction to the nurses cutting off his favorite JetPilot wetsuit will have you in stitches.

Harry moved from R&R JetTech to WestCoast in 1991, but only spent a year there before moving back and you’ll never guess the reason why.

You’ll also hear more about what he considers his biggest achievement, which might not be what you’d expect, as well as the season where nothing went right.

As always, Harry tells it as it is. So, get ready to have a good laugh and we hope you enjoy the rest of our trip down memory lane.

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