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Rippin it up on the RWB 2021 Gootimes Racing Kawasaki X2

Goodtimes Racing Kawasaki X2 Replica Build

This incredible Kawasaki X2 Build by Jason Rivera, otherwise known as “the Bearded Bomber”, was one of the amazing raffle prizes for the Run Whatcha Brung JetSki Regatta in June 2021.

Ken Gallagher, of Ken Gallagher Photography, was the lucky winner at the event. However, he has decided to sell the ski at private auction. Any proceeds above the starting bid to be donated to the RWB charities.

The auction details

Starting bid: $7,500
Auction ends: 12am PST, 31 July 2021
How to place a bid: email

About the Goodtimes Racing X2 Replica JetSki

This Kawasaki X2 Build was painstakingly built by Jason Rivera. The ski was donated by Robert Cohen and the inspiration for the build came from the original Goodtimes Racing Modster X2.

The amazing exterior of this ski is owed to Performance Fiberglass for the glasswork and Joe Skier for the paint. No paint job can be complete without some wicked striping from Chris Sneed too.

All the following parts for the ski were kindly donated, valued at:

Some additional parts were purchased, including:

See the Goodtimes Kawasaki X2 in action

Thanks goes to…

From the builder: Jason Rivera

“Of course, this would not have been possible without the RWB vision of Mike Kemp and with Vintage JetSki. In 2021, Vintage JetSki were responsible for the majority of the raffle ticket sales. Next year will be epic.

Thanks to everyone who donated time and parts to this build. The end result was worth the wait.”


Ken Gallagher Photography - @KenGallagher50
Carter Bahde - @HavasuMediaProductions
Jason Rivera / JetStar - @The_Bearded_Bomber

Checkout the original Goodtimes Kawasaki X2 in JetSkier Magazine


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