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‘Fly N Ty’ McFarland: Finding Legendary Vintage JetSkis

Fy N Ty McFarland

Ty McFarland is best known for having a garage full of amazing skis and bringing some great products to the market. Listen in to his interview with Cam Wise on Ride by Day, Wrench by Night

Over the years, Ty has built one of the most impressive vintage jetski collections in the industry, including v-hull 400s and has owned numerous Jeff Jacobs’ race skis including the most legendary of them all, Jeff’s 1991 World Finals winning Electronic Fuel Injected PJS 550


Listen in for a great story about how he also owned a race boat belonging to the Flyin Fish, Chris Fischetti for just one day.

In recent years, Ty started Fly-N-Ty JetSki Products and has been creating OEM Reproduction Tanks for the 550s. Plus, there are now brand new tanks available for all those X2 fans out there! I know right, these have been in hot demand in recent years and they’re finally here. Now if you want to freshen up your ski ready for the water you can find all these tanks as well as difference variations and colors by heading straight to the fuel section

  • 00:17 Introduction
  • 01:42 Hello and welcome to Fly-n-Ty! How did you get involved in the sport?
  • 04:38 The police didn’t mind me, the regular boats were mad at us
  • 06:02 Meeting Bruce Phelped and the fasted jet ski ever, he used a custom ride plate to get to top speed
  • 10:18 Pushing the limits of what is technically a Jetski
  • 12:45 You did a lot of freestyle riding, did you race too? I liked tricks more than racing
  • 16:03 Your ski inspired mine, how did you design your ski?
  • 20:36 Tell us about your freestyle career, you have some very cool tricks. How do you do underwater tricks?
  • 25:00 Entering your first freestyle events, they were strict with where you can practice
  • 30:05 Tips for new riders, tow your ski backwards
  • 32:50 What’s your favourite part of a vintage jetski?
  • 35:13 Confusion with warning lights, red for off or red for warning.
  • 36:39 Difference between 4 stroke SuperJet vs old school 550
  • 40:57 You have the biggest collection of vintage jet skis. Tell us about the A and B version of the V-hull 400’s
  • 45:06 How to read the VIN number
  • 50:02 What else is unique about the 400’s
  • 52:44 White and silver SX skis from Japan
  • 53:20 What prices are we talking about these days? All based on supply and demand, people these days buy multiple skis at once
  • 56:15 How does colour influence the price
  • 59:16 Interchangeability is a huge advantage on a vintage jetski
  • 01:01:48 Using a 440 pump that's tuned well will get a higher top speed than a bigger pump
  • 01:04:45 You have several Vintage racing JetSkis How have you managed to find
  • and budget for them? Save a little every month and use
  • 01:09:19 How to tell if you have a real authentic racing jet ski. Match up the
  • scratches and dents
  • 01:11:55 How to get these great skis: Act fast, have the money ready and use (or take vacation time to travel to the seller)
  • 01:13:36 You owned Fischetti’s ski for 1 day?
  • 01:16:41 Buying Jeff Jacob’s ski from PJS Man’s brother - from the Du Pont’s, fuel injection came in a box - the batteries don't last, 44mm carbs to replace the fuel injection - PJS said please don’t contact us anymore, it’s a one off race ski and we can’t keep fixing it up for you
  • 01:24:00 Touching up vintage jet skis: I don’t touch up race boats
  • 01:26:40 Tell us about the Indycar styled fuel injection
  • 01:27:43 Jeff Jacobs did his own undercover mods, his dad developed their own pump and used other parts he didn’t tell anyone about, he would take them off before end of the season
  • 01:32:47 Any other secrets you stumbled across? 91 Reed engine and how Jeff beat 700’s on his 550
  • 01:39:52 Jeff comes out of retirement and rides in boardshorts and absolutely
  • smashes the competition, did you own that SuperJet?
  • 01:43:42 The Vintage Jetski museum, the history and where it went wrong, plans for the future
  • 01:49:49 Meeting the Godfather of Jetskis: Clayton Jacobs Snr
  • 01:53:29 You also met Fred Tunstall
  • 01:57:13 You make reproduction tanks, tell us about how that came about?
  • 02:00:42 What is the “Fill Delete” tank?
  • 02:02:55 Why should I buy a new tank? Good build quality and safety + how to test your tank
  • 02:05:32 Is there an X2 tank coming out? Yes! We did a crowd survey asking if people want a bigger tank or more room for a bigger pipe
  • 02:09:15 Does it use standard X2 straps?
  • 02:10:10 Where can people find these tanks?
  • 02:11:15 Handling tips: PJS ride plate, Jettrim mats, add traction pads on the hood to stand on it, pads underneath the handle pull, 3 bilge pumps, AME grips, 15 degree bars. The SX railing caps keeping coming off, DIY railings with PVC
  • 02:19:03 Engine setup: 550 Halfpipe, charging flywheel, milling your head, porting, bore the nozzle and aftermarket impeller. I prefer single carb
  • 02:20:58 Your best memory: That Jeff Jacobs boat sitting in your backyard
  • 02:22:27 Thanks for being on the show!
  • 02:23:14 Outro


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