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Camp Far West Jetski Easter Weekend

Camp Far West Jetski Easter Weekend

By Annie Donovan

This was our first annual Easter buoy bash/Jetski egg hunt at Camp Far West located in Wheatland,Ca. Organized by Annie Donovan @BRaaaapgirl26

Prizes donated:
Vintage Jetski
Top end unlimited
771 industries
Testa Motorsports
NV Hair

Camp Far West Jetski

Camp Far West

Camp Far West is a very special place in Northern California. It's a place where friends can gather and ride beautiful coves in the springtime and summer, as well as train on a closed buoy course. Camp Far West is our training grounds, as well as a place where we can meet up with our jet ski family and friends.  Camp Far West has been training grounds for jet skiers since the early 90’s. It has also hosted many jet ski races in the past and will be hosting many events in the future. Full Throttle Water X Racing plans to make an appearance here on June 10. Camp Far west Has something for everyone. Jet skiing, Fishing, Camping, Boating, and they are also home of quarter mile cove where all the hot boats hang out and drag race.

The Sponsors

I have always wanted to do some sort of egg hunt on jet skis after seeing an old picture The Legend Bob Phares posted a while back. After chatting with him about it I wondered why we don’t do something like this. I am all about making jet skiing great again! It has always been great, but our job now is to get as many people involved in our sport and inspire others to just get out there and have fun. After thinking about it I started reaching out to my favorite sponsors to see if they could help with some prizes for our hunt. It is so amazing how many people said yes! We had lots of goodies donated from Vintage Jet ski, Motooption, 771 industries, Top End Unlimited, Testa Motorsports, and NV Hair. My Goal for next year is to make this easter gathering bigger and better with even more prizes and games.

Camp Far West Jetski

The Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter bunny made an appearance on easter morning, dropping colorful eggs for all the kiddos to enjoy. It was such a blast watching all the kids run around and hunt for the eggs. Soon after we all lined up on our jet skis for a race start for the beginning of the adult egg hunt. I think there was 10 0f us.

We all raced across the lake to the island where we jumped off our skis and started the hunt.  There was about 30 eggs that were numbered, I immediately found like 5 eggs and others were on the hunt too. After about 30 minutes of hunting, we all grouped up and ripped back across the lake. When we all got back, we checked everyones eggs and gave out the prizes that went with the egg. Some pretty cool stuff was won. We had all sorts of goodies. Shirts and hoodies from vintage jet ski, tons of hats and shirts from riznwild, 100% waterproof gloves were donated by Testa Motorsports, 771 industries donated some sweet shirts hats and stickers. We also had a nice package from Moto option of hats and shirts. NV Hair Donated some goggles and shirts as well as the time of setting this up.

What to expect for 2023

This Was so much fun and this is only the beginning of our annual easter celebration at Camp Far West. Next year will be bigger and better with more fun, prizes, games, and relay races on jet skis. Camp Far west crew is all about having fun, shredding the lake , shredding buoys in jets cove, and just great family fun at the lake.  We look forward to seeing new faces at the lake when we are out and about. My personal goal is to inspire others to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and to get more people involved in our sport. With fun meetups like these we get to meet new people, grow our sport, and hang with our awesome jetski family.

Our jet ski Friends and family are some of the best people we have met in our life, and we can’t wait to have more fun rides and meetups with these awesome people in our community.

We look forward to all the jet ski fun in the future. Next stop Run Watcha Brung Poker Run, which is going to be held at Parker, AZ on June 2,3,4.

See you there!

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