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Brave the Wave 2021: Michigan Wave Makers

Brave the Wave from the crew at Michigan Wave Makers is back for its 5th year on 7 August 2021.

The story behind Brave the Wave

Five years ago, Ryan Kulka and Terri Nallamothu were hanging out at Terri’s house. Terri had asked what Ryan had been up to. Ryan had been wanting to get back into jet ski racing but was finding it hard as there were no local events in Michigan.

Terri happened to be an event planner, so she said: “Okay. Let’s have a jet ski event!”

The next day, Terri called some friends in Lake Orion, Michigan and asked what permits would be required to start a pro event. The next thing they knew they were hosting a jet ski race.

They wanted to mix things up and make it the ultimate family event. They were focused on making the event as pure as possible and getting some charities on board. Terri and Ryan, despite being the promoters, have never taken a penny. Over the past four years the event has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities, racers and freestyle riders alike.

About the event

The weekend brings jet ski riders from around the country to compete in both freestyle events and races, with a generous prize purse for the winners in each category.

The Michigan Wave Makers are always encouraging new participants to learn and have a great new experience in the jet ski world. When you go to race, you may be a pro or at your first race (even if you’ve been saying otherwise 😉).

For its fifth year, Brave the Wave is raising funds for Dutton Farm. Dutton Farm provides a farm for kids and adults with special needs, allowing them to learn new skills and everyday life lessons.

2022 and beyond

The future is looking bright too! Every year, Ryan and Terri try to introduce something new. In 2022, they will be adding closed course with the slalom course.

It takes a village! The jet ski community have stepped up and helped Brave the Wave to be the success it has been.

Event details:

Need to get event ready?

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