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Original Kawasaki X2

Barn Finds: 1990 Kawasaki X2

This 1990 Kawasaki X2 is one of the more impressive barn finds we've seen. It's so rare to find a ski that’s been modified AND is still in immaculate condition. Usually, if a ski has had any form of significant performance upgrades they’ve been done for one purpose, and one purpose only… to ride fast!

But in this case, it seems the original owner had different plans. As you can see from these shots, this 1990 Kawasaki X2 is in excellent condition. Not ‘excellent condition for its age’ condition, but literally ‘show room, hardly ever seen the water’ condition. (Insert drooling face here).

X2 Jetski

Facts about the 1990 Kawasaki X2

  • Fun to ride but with a steep learning curve
  • Parts are plentiful and relatively cheap
  • Engine bay is larger than equivalent skis of the era, making them easier to work on
  • Light weight, which is definitely a bonus when it comes to loading
  • Maneuverable; these things will turn on a dime

Some of the mods on this ski include…

Kawasaki X2 Mat Kit






Mat Kit

Ride Plate

Intake Grate

Kawasaki X2 Performance Pipe




Exhaust Manifold




Intake Manifold


Air Filter

Primer Kit

If you’d like to own this 1990 Kawasaki X2, contact the owner, Nolan Heppner, at for more information (located in Minnesota)

1990 World Finals Kawasaki X2 Racing

Checkout this clip at the 16min mark for some awesome Kawasaki X2 racing action!

Upgrades for the Kawasaki X2

Would love another ski but you already have an X2 of your own? Why not modify it... At we have plenty of options available.

We recommend upgrades like performance impellers, ride plates and intake grates to give you the traction, handling and responsiveness you’re after. And if its engine mods you want then you can’t go past our intake system upgrade that consists of a PJS intake manifold and Mikuni SBN 44mm carb that’s paired with a ProK air filter and adapter for the setup to breath and give you the best performance.

Kawasaki X2 Race

Bundle Option 1

Bundle Option 2

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