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How to Ride a Jetski in the Surf

January 2, 2023

How To RIDING YOUR JETSKI IN THE SURF: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW Riding a standup jet ski in the surf can be an awesome experience, but it’s important to follow some basic safety guidelines to ensure that you have a fun and safe time on the water. Here are some tips for riding a standup jet ski in the…

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How to get started in jetski riding

How to Get Started in Jetski Riding: Frequently Asked Questions

January 1, 2023

How To When you’re looking to get started in jetski riding you’ll no doubt have a lot of questions on how to go about it. In this feature article, we answer the most frequently asked questions on getting started in jetski riding. Is Jetski riding expensive? Jetski riding can actually be one of the cheapest motorsports someone can be involved…

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Comeback Ski

Haulin Harry Goatcher’s COMEBACK SKI Could be yours

October 31, 2022

Classifieds: Kawasaki SXR 800 YOU COULD OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY Imagine owning one of Haulin Harry’s original “Rainbow” skis, or an “L&S” ski, or even his infamous “Westcoast No.5” ski. Well, this is the new ski in the lineage that is Haulin Harry’s career. This is called his “Comeback” ski. Related: The Kawasaki JS440: Everything you need to know…

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