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1995 Kawasaki 550SX: The last of a kind

1995 Kawasaki 550SX

1995 Kawasaki 550SX: The last of a kind

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This rare 550SX is one of the most sort after models as it was the last edition of the reed valve engines. It even has its original decals too.

It was also the last year of the iconic 550 jet skis globally (except for a limited run in Japan).

Ski is from the “Fly-n-Ty Collection”  - so you know its been well looked after in climate controlled storage.

There are only three of this year model still in crates on planet earth.  All worth more than $18k each, and none are for sale that we know of.  Which means this one is the newest out of the crate known to exist. 

Get your hands on one of the LAST mint Jet Skis available.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona

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  1. Patric Miller

    For Rob Splash magizine,i,m looking for Splash issue with Dustin Farthing riding yellow blaster on the cover around 1995 to 96 any help would be great finding it as I am the owner of this blaster now,thanx Patric Miller

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