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1989 Kawasaki 300SX JETSKI

1989 Kawasaki 300SX JETSKI


  • Maneuvering on land is easy with the optional Tote-a-Ski.
  • Choke and fuel controls are within easy reach of the rider.
  • Push-button electric starter gets the good times rolling fast.
  • Light 220-pound dry weight makes for incredible agility.
  • All Kawasaki JETSKI watercraft feature shielded water-jet propulsion. No propellers.
  • Bilge system automatically removes water from the engine compartment.
  • Underwater exhaust system ensures quiet operation.
  • Waterproofed electronic CD ignition provides quick starts and reliable operation.
  • Wide riding platform features plenty of soft padding for comfortable rides.
  • Automatic Superlube oil injection ensures maximum reliability with minimum hassle.
  • Super fuel economy and a big five-gallon tank let you go a long time between breaks.
  • Watertight compartment at the rear of the hull offers convenient storage space.
1989 Kawasaki 300SX JETSKI

1989 Kawasaki 300SX JETSKI


The 1989 Kawasaki 300SX JETSKI. Take the plunge and join the tens of thousands of JET SKI watercraft riders who've discovered freedom of the seas around the world. The 1989 Kawasaki 300SX JETSKI engine produces enough reliable Kawasaki power to let you skim across lakes, head upriver, and explore hidden ocean coves. Yet for all its advanced power, riding a 300SX is like water skiing. And even more fun because you set your own course and your own pace.

The 300SX is equipped with all the exclusive features that Kawasaki has introduced over 16 years of building the world's only JETSKI watercraft. It automatically slows to an idle and circles back around to pick you up if you happen to fall off. And its self-righting design plus built-in flotation cells help keep the 300SX riding high. So go ahead and hop onto a 1989 Kawasaki JETSKI 300SX.

The good times have never been wetter.

1989 JS300-A3

Engine type2-stroke Single
Displacement294 cc
Bore × stroke76 × 64.9 mm
Compression ratio7.2:1
Cooling systemInducted water
CarburetionDiaphragm type
IgnitionWaterproofed CD
Maximum power30ps @6,000 rpm
Thrust276 pounds
Propulsion systemJet pump, axial flow, single stage
Fuel capacity5 gallons
Minimum turning radius9 feet
Dimensions79inches long, 26inches wide, 28inches high
Dry weight220 pounds
ColorJet White
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