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Jetski Playlist

Tell Us Your Favorite Jetski Songs So We Can Make The Greatest Jetski Playlist Ever

June 20, 2022

News By VintageJetSki HEADING FOR ADVENTURE There’s something about driving to the water for a weekend full of jetski riding…

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1995 Seadoo XP

1995 Seadoo 720 XP: Chris Fischetti Replica Build

June 2, 2022

Builds By Scott Fowler WHERE IT ALL STARTED Hi Cam! Great to be a part of the VJS movement! As…

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550 Jetski Racing

550 Jetski Racing: Huntington Beach

May 26, 2022

Events By Krisdy Riddle BEST OF THE WEST Jet Jam wrapped up their fifth round of their “Best of the…

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Kawasaki JS550

1988 Kawasaki JS550 JETSKI

May 25, 2022

Related: The 1992 Kawasaki 650SX JETSKI: Everything you need to know JS550 JETSKI Launch yourself into some wet and wild…

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1993 Kawasaki 550SX

Neon Dreams: 1993 Kawasaki 550SX

May 23, 2022

Builds By Ayrton Sieja “It’s by no means the fastest boat on the line, but man does it turn heads…

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Jetski Troubleshooting Guilde

Jetski Troubleshooting Guide

May 23, 2022

Related: How To Install A Jetski Mat Kit: 9 Easy Steps GETTING OUT OF THE GARAGE AND BACK ON THE…

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650SX Jetski Upgrades

1992 Kawasaki 650SX JETSKI

May 19, 2022

Related: The 1989 Kawasaki JS440 JETSKI: Everything you need to know 650SX JETSKI It sure is fun boiling up water…

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Kawasaki JS440 JETSKI

1989 Kawasaki JS440 JETSKI

May 18, 2022

Related: The 1989 Kawasaki 300SX JETSKI: Everything you need to know JS440 JETSKI Life, liberty, and especially the pursuit of…

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1993 Kawasaki 650SX

1993 Kawasaki 650SX Custom Build

May 16, 2022

Builds By Dillan Stapler WHERE IT ALL STARTED I found my passion for standup jetskis, and particularly this 1993 Kawasaki…

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Install A Jetski Mat Kit

How To Install A Jetski Mat Kit: 9 Easy Steps

May 16, 2022

How To By Australian Jet Skier WHAT YOU’LL NEED We recommend choosing your favorite traction mat from our range of…

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UMI Jetski Products

Industry Profile: UMI Racing USA

May 15, 2022

Tech By Splash Magazine Title: UMI Racing USA Subject: Industry Profile Location: Scottsdale, AZ Article: Tom Kerker Take a step…

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Jetski Nose Brace

Product Review: Standup Jetski Nose Brace

May 15, 2022

Tech WHAT IS THE FUNCTION OF A JETSKI NOSE BRACE Have you ever got punched in the nose? Whether it’s…

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